by Wendy Montes de Oca

Don’t let your site get lost in Internet obscurity. Here’s the last of five simple ways to help boost your website’s traffic and optimization.

5. List your site in online directories by related category or region.

This is an effective way to increase exposure and get found by prospects searching specifically for information on your product or service by keyword topic. Popular directories (like typically have a nominal fee. But there are many other directories (like,, and that are free.

Most important, before you start your SEO initiatives, don’t forget to establish a baseline for your site so you can measure pre- vs. post-SEO tactics. Upload a site counter (which counts the number of visits to your website), obtain your site’s Alexa traffic ranking at, or get your site’s daily visit average (from Google Analytics or another application) and then chart your weekly progress in Excel. Understand that it typically takes two to three months for a site to be optimized…so be patient. You will eventually see results.