Have you seen these black and white squares as you’re out and about? They are becoming popular and more widely used as a marketing tool. These are called QR codes, short for Quick Response codes. They are similar to the UPC bar codes now used for scanning your groceries when you check out at the store.

You can link these to the URL for your website, text, videos, contact information, events, contests, and even maps. You take a photo of them with your cell phone (you’ll need a code reader application) and it connects you to whatever link you’ve stored for it. The one you see at the right is linked to the Viewpoints Archive on my website.

There are free QR Code generators you can find online and also versions you can subscribe to for a fee that allow you to customize the designs, adding color and images, store and batch process multiple codes. A few good ones to start with are:

QR codes are saved as an image that can be used on anything you can print on – business cards, brochures, direct mail post cards, real estate signage, posters, wedding invitations, warehouse stock control, even temporary (or permanent) tattoos!

Have the QR code link back to:

  • Your website
  • Your LinkedIn or Facebook Fan Page profile
  • Your blog
  • Sign up for your newsletter
  • A YouTube video
  • Real estate listing
  • Service discount coupon

The possibilities are endless! There’s no limit to how, or even how much, you can share with QR codes. I anticipate we’ll see them getting more and more popular. Take a closer look and see how the use of QR codes can enhance your marketing strategy.