by Stacy Karacostas, The Unchained Entrepreneur (

1) Start by calling or emailing them simply to set up an appointment to talk further. That’s easier and less daunting than trying to close the deal right then and there. And you’re less likely to bag out once you’ve made a commitment. If need be, hire a Virtual Assistant, Intern or assistant to call people back and schedule appointments.

2) Set aside one day a week, or an hour a day, to do follow up calls and block out the time in your schedule. Then commit to doing that and nothing else.

3) Draft an email that you can send automatically when people contact you, letting them know you got their message and would like to set a time to chat. That way you don’t have to think about it and it’s less likely to get put off until later.

4) If you’re not sure what to say on the phone, or how to answer certain questions, you need to create a script—something that’s never a bad idea. Then practice it with someone you know. You don’t need to follow it word for word forever. Just use it to help you get your thoughts in order, or as a cheat sheet, so you can speak confidently.

5) Create an automated system for sending thank you cards after phone meetings. I like to have a draft already written, that way I can customize the message quickly and send it out as soon as I get off the phone. A service like Send Out Cards or a Virtual Assistant or Intern works great for this too.

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