You may see the words design and development used interchangeably, however, technically, they are two very different but integral parts of a website.

Website Design is the process in which a designer creates the visual aesthetic of your site using colors, fonts, images, proportion, etc.  This can be done by the web designer or by a graphic designer.

Website Development is the coding of a website in order for it to be displayed properly on the web.  Also, coding for the functionality and useability like navigation and links, a back-end database, or viewing of a flash movie, and for adding tags for search engine optimization.

Some graphic designers may say that they provide web design services, but most will say that web development is not their strong suit and that they actually prefer to just create the design and layout.  Some web designers are not strong in the design side either and will sometimes use pre-designed templates and content management systems to create their sites.

When searching for a web specialist to hire, be sure you understand the difference and make sure they do as well to assure that your website is created correctly and completely.